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Vox Scripturae ­– Revista Teológica Internacional is a semiannual organ from the Faculdade Luterana de Teologia - FLT, published in printed format (ISSN 0104-0073). Are accepted for publication unpublished and reviewed texts in Portuguese, German, Spanish and English, from national and international thinkers and researchers, tied to Higher Education Institutions and/or theological academies and of interdisciplinary acting. Vox Scripturae is a vehicle of dissemination and publication of new discoveries, scientific articles and academic researches of theology and interdisciplinary contribution, coming from researches or other related areas, as long as the content of these present connections with the theological area. For the objectives, the review seeks: (a) to contribute to the academic-scientific dialogue of national and international researches on the main research areas in Christian theology, besides themes of interdisciplinary content; (b) to promote and disseminate the scientific researches and investigations, promoting the publication and contextualization of the theological research; (c) to contribute to the interdisciplinary dialogue and the transversality of the knowledge, awakening for a critical posture and for the exercise of an ethical citizenship. The review has two main sections, “articles” and “reviews”. The section of articles has five subsections that covers the central areas of Christian theology: a) biblical theology of the Old and New Testament; b) historical-systematic theology; c) practical theology; d) theology and interdisciplinary; e) theology, ecumenical dialogue and interreligious dialogue. The magazine has a printing of 300 copies and adopts the peer review between the members of the Scientific Council in the system of double blind review, in a way that as much as the name of referees as of the authors remain in concealment. The abbreviated title of the magazine is Vox Script. – Rev. Teol. Intern., which must be utilized in bibliographies, references, footnotes and bibliographical legends.

MISSION: To socialize the production of knowledge and scientific research in the theological area, mainly in its specifics (biblical theology of the Old and New Testament; historical-systematic theology; practical theology), but also in what arises from its critical and constructive dialogue with other areas of knowledge, such as philosophy, psychology, anthropology, bioethics, education, social services, sciences turned to health and sciences of religion. To enable the publication and dissemination of the results from original and innovative scientific researches and academic works, as much as articles as essays, produced in the Brazilian and international academies, and that have relevance for the contemporary academic and public discussion. To promote the theological, ecumenical and interreligious debate and dialogue in academic and scientific level, national and international, through approaches of unpublished and relevant themes, which promote the universality of knowledge, the innovation of researches, and the advance of theological and interdisciplinary knowledge, and the public, critical and political exercise of an ethical citizenship.

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